Jenelsie’s Corner (1.20.19)

Dear GTFI Family,

Beloved, our Father has given many infallible proofs that Lord Jesus is alive in us.  We have heard recent testimony from Elders Willie and Elizabeth Green, Sister Marilyn, Brother Wiley, Elder Smith, and Sister Andreeta who all proclaim that HE provides, heals, and delivers!  HE supplies that which we “think” we need and even more than what we ask.  Our Father knows how to love us!  Behold what manner of love HE has given to the body at Grace and Truth International.  “With grateful hearts, we pour out our praise to HIM.”


Love in Christ Jesus,

Sister Jenelsie, Pastor’s wife

Jenelsie’s Corner (12.23.18)

My Grace and Truth Family,

The Holy Ghost brings to my remembrance the faithfulness of our Father God to take us in and bring us out of situations.  We have heard Him speak His purpose, and we have seen Him perform His Word.  HE has manifested His love towards us.  This is our choral response to HIM:  “We will bless You, oh, Lord; we will bless You oh, Lord, with hearts of thanksgiving we will bless You oh, Lord.  With our hands lifted up and our mouths filled with praise (with our hearts of thanksgiving), we will bless You oh, Lord!”

In this very “Kairos” moment we receive the “good news” sent from “our Father” by the birth of Jesus, our Lord: “…and on earth peace, good will toward men”!

Hallelujah to our God!  Let us worship HIM together.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Sister Jenelsie

Pastor’s wife

Jenelsie’s Corner (9.23.18)

My GTFI Family,

Our Father has brought us through another year to celebrate HIS GOODNESS TOWARDS US!  Oh, how HE has revealed Himself to us, one by one, with great demonstration and manifestation.  And what manner of love our Father has given to us in real proof!  What a glorious week we shall have as we assemble to bless our LORD in worship!

So, let us all present ourselves to Him at the appointed times to offer our voices of praise, the clapping of our hands, the lifting of hands, kneeling before HIM in thanksgiving, and bearing up one another with encouragement to walk in HIS “newness”.

CELEBRATION:  October 21-28, 2018.

Hallelujah to our LORD and FATHER!

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Jenelsie, Pastor’s Wife

Jenelsie’s Corner (9.2.18)

My dear GTFI family,

There is one thing that I am fully persuaded about:  only the Word of His power can cause-us to walk in our “purpose in life” spoken by God.  No, we are not able to do it by our own power and might (works) but by the supernatural working of the Holy Ghost in or upon us.  Yielding or submitting and participating with our “AMEN” is the work/faith that we do.  The Lord Jesus has satisfied our Father for man’s walk as a victorious son/daughter unto HIM in the earth, so we “eat, receive, live by, live out from” the finished work of the first begotten Son, Jesus, our Lord.  What a Savior we have!  We don’t have to “try” to figure out how to walk; our saving grace is our Lord!

When we leave from the gathering of the saints of the Lord this day, know that HE has given us His strength and power to walk and to possess the land!!  Hallelujah!!

Love in Christ Jesus,

Your sister, Jenelsie

Pastor’s Wife

Jenelsie’s Corner (6.28.18)

My Grace and Truth Family,

Surely it is so that this body of believers, “Grace and Truth Fellowship, International”, is not the same as ‘old.’  We are now “walking in the newness” of a Word of His grace spoken at the beginning of 2018.  A depth, breadth, height, and length of reality concerning the kingdom of God has been opened to us.  The Holy Ghost has enlightened our understanding concerning the believer’s union with the Lord Jesus and “purpose in life” on this earth, now in Christ Jesus–“new creatures.”

Having eyes to “see” and ears to “hear”—the “workmanship” of our Father!

Let us rejoice together with thanksgiving!

Your sister in Christ,

Jenelsie, Pastor’s wife