My Grace and Truth Family,

The Holy Ghost brings to my remembrance the faithfulness of our Father God to take us in and bring us out of situations.  We have heard Him speak His purpose, and we have seen Him perform His Word.  HE has manifested His love towards us.  This is our choral response to HIM:  “We will bless You, oh, Lord; we will bless You oh, Lord, with hearts of thanksgiving we will bless You oh, Lord.  With our hands lifted up and our mouths filled with praise (with our hearts of thanksgiving), we will bless You oh, Lord!”

In this very “Kairos” moment we receive the “good news” sent from “our Father” by the birth of Jesus, our Lord: “…and on earth peace, good will toward men”!

Hallelujah to our God!  Let us worship HIM together.

Love in Christ Jesus,

Sister Jenelsie

Pastor’s wife