My dear GTFI family,

There is one thing that I am fully persuaded about:  only the Word of His power can cause-us to walk in our “purpose in life” spoken by God.  No, we are not able to do it by our own power and might (works) but by the supernatural working of the Holy Ghost in or upon us.  Yielding or submitting and participating with our “AMEN” is the work/faith that we do.  The Lord Jesus has satisfied our Father for man’s walk as a victorious son/daughter unto HIM in the earth, so we “eat, receive, live by, live out from” the finished work of the first begotten Son, Jesus, our Lord.  What a Savior we have!  We don’t have to “try” to figure out how to walk; our saving grace is our Lord!

When we leave from the gathering of the saints of the Lord this day, know that HE has given us His strength and power to walk and to possess the land!!  Hallelujah!!

Love in Christ Jesus,

Your sister, Jenelsie

Pastor’s Wife